Monday, June 8, 2009

pan-seared tuna with mango and avocado salsa

this is one of my absolute favorite meals. it is so very tasty. and in the summertime... well, you just can't go wrong...
for the salsa:
- mango
- avocado
- red onion
- cilantro
- a little garlic
- lime juice.
chop it all up, mix it all together and season it with salt and pepper.

coat the tuna with sesame seeds and seasoning. heat up some oil in a pan over medium-high and add the tuna, cooking for a couple minutes on each side, depending on how rare you like it in the middle. pete and i both like it rare, but not still cold and i usually end up cooking it for about 4 minutes per side, depending on thickness. then slice the tuna into strips and put the salsa and tuna over a bed of mixed greens and serve. enjoy.

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