Monday, November 9, 2009

mini cheese burgers

that's it.  we just found these teeny little buns (they were about 2 inches) and made teeny little burgers to go with them.  the kids loved the novelty of it and that was that.  i understand this is not exactly a recipe, but more of just a suggestion and i am fine with that.

as a side, i realize i have been a bit of a slacker on this website (don't get me started on how lame i have been with that online cooking group i joined...).  and, as a result, it seems to have caused some serious family distress.  thus, i am dedicating all my blogging this week (both here and on burch jerks as well as on my 23 other blogs) to my brother-in-law brian.  i hope it will ease some of the pain...

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