Monday, March 1, 2010

a new salad

i love finding new inspiration for salads and recently my mother-in-law made a delicious one.  it is nothing i would have ever thought to put in a salad, but it all tasted so good together.  she served it with grilled salmon and the whole meal was fabulous.

romaine hearts, chopped
baby arugula
corn (fresh, if you can get it, otherwise you can use what you have)
dried cranberries
parmesan, shredded
ranch dressing (she said it actually calls for trader joe's parmesan ranch, but she didn't have any on hand, so she just added parmesan and used regular ranch).
(bev also said the actual recipe calls for some baby pasta, but i didn't get the details on that.  and i kind of doubt i will be able to rope bev into posting anything... perhaps she will leave a comment?)

i definitely recommend it.  i think i just might be making it this week myself.

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