Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Menu Call

OK, I think we all need to get back to posting over here!! Here's my menu for the week, nothing fancy, but give me some new ideas!
Tues: Chicken and Dumplings

Wed: Pasta Lagardo (we named this after Tommy and Kathleen Lagarde made it for us in North Carolina 3 years ago) It's become a favorite.

Thurs: Greek Chicken Cutlets

Fri: a spring risotto, maybe with shrimp, asparagus...


  1. How was the chicken and dumplings?? We got the new cookbook and I was eyeing that receipe the other day.

  2. ha ha - well, at the least minute I changed my mind and made sweet and sour chicken instead. It was too warm a day for c and dumplings!

  3. we have been in balboa - so our menu has been limited. to quote emily, "i am going to albertsons to get some vodka, tonic water, limes, and bagels. is there anything else we need?"

    nope, i think that covers it.