Tuesday, May 5, 2009

afternoon iced mocha

how to have a lovely afternoon...
1) find old coffee you saved in the fridge and think how nice an iced mocha would be.
2) while outside checking your mail, you run into your neighbor and, on a whim, decide to ask her if she has any chocolate syrup.  sure, she says, are you guys making ice cream sundaes?  as much as you want to lie and sound like a really cool mom, you 'fess up that it is, in fact, just for you.  
3) after mixing your coffee, chocolate syrup and milk and pouring it over ice, you notice some whipped cream in the back of your fridge.  after standing there for a minute or two wondering how old must that be, since you cannot remember the last time you used whipped cream in your house (did someone buy that at christmas for hot chocolate?) you pull it out to check for a date.  although the expiration date is slightly passed, you test a little and, as there is no funny smell or color, you decide to use it anyway.  (and its so worth it...)
4) let your kids play in the sprinklers in the back yard while you sit in the shade and drink your fancy, coffee shop style drink from the comfort (and affordability) of your own home.  

now go try it.  or stop by and i will make one for both of us...


  1. I'm so going to go do this...yeah, old whipped cream in the can keeps FOREVER (yay)!

  2. One of the best treats on a summer day!