Friday, May 15, 2009

carne asada

this is not exactly a recipe so much as a recommendation. mostly for phoenix folks, but i am sure you could find something comparable at your own local carniceria. this place is on 16th street just north of mcdowell and pete's dad gets meat from them all the time. for finn's birthday last night i went to pick up some carne asada and it was so, so good. they throw the meat in a bag with marinade, onions, cilantro and a whole bunch of other delicious-ness. you just take it home, let it sit in your fridge (overnight is even better) and then cook it up to your liking. we grilled it and made fajitas/tacos/burritos. so easy, so good. go get some. my other suggestion for phoenix ladies is the ranch market on 16th street and roosevelt. it is like food city on steroids. so fabulous.

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