Tuesday, May 5, 2009

world's easiest chicken tacos

a neighbor mom suggested this to me and, although i am sure there are tastier ways to do this, it is a fabulous idea for a busy night.  last week i had to go take pictures and then take the kids to jack's baseball practice.  as we don't get back until 6:30 from practice and we were leaving at 4, i was trying to decide what to do about dinner.  i really didn't want to "drive-thru" for anything so i gave this a try.  i put three chicken breasts in the slow-cooker/crock pot (whatever you like to call it) and added about half a cup of deli salsa from the grocery store (the kind you get in the deli section that is really chunky...).  then i cut up all the toppings - tomatoes, avocado, shredded cheese, onions, cilantro, etc. and put them in the fridge.  when we got back from practice i shredded the chicken in the slow-cooker, heated up some tortillas, grabbed the toppings out of the fridge and we had a delicious, healthy and easy meal.  and everyone was still in bed, bathed and fed, by 7:30.  

i swear there is chicken in there somewhere... i took this picture in the whirlwind and wasn't really paying attention to showing what it was i was actually talking about... you get the idea.

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