Friday, May 15, 2009

green smoothies and homemade popsicles

i found this suggestion for putting fresh spinach in smoothies and thought since my kids love that drink green machine, maybe they wouldn't mind this. as luck would have it, i was right. you would be amazed at how well spinach blends into a smoothie. the original recipe i found (on design mom) was this:
-Half a banana
-A handful of blueberries (add enough to make it tasty)
-Several handfuls of fresh spinach
-Enough water to make it drinkable

in my opinion, it was a little watery and tasted mostly like banana, but was still good and my kids drank it, no fuss. not particularly enthusiastic, but no complaints. it was even crazy, bright green. now, here's the really good part. i made a really big batch of it and poured the extra into popsicle molds. these, my kids loved.

i know smoothies can be a bit of an ordeal when you want a quick snack, but since my kids love them so much (and with summer here it is so refreshing) we seem to make them a lot. thus, i am so excited about making popsicles. this morning we made smoothies for breakfast and, once again, i made double the amount and poured the rest into our popsicle molds. and the ones we made today actually got rave reviews (they drank the extra and i had to make more for the popsicles). today's smoothie was strawberries, peaches, a little OJ, some vanilla yogurt, a couple handfuls of fresh spinach and some water. now we will have an easy, healthy, delicious snack this afternoon when we sit out in the hot sun and eat our popsicles...

they are not exactly the prettiest color, but they are so good, i promise. i bet if you don't use OJ and maybe some more strawberries and blueberries, the color could improve...

i think you will even be a little surprised at how much spinach you can put in and have it still taste fruity and delicious. i dare everyone to try this...

(and if you like these popsicle molds, i got them on amazon... lots of fun shapes and deals if you buy more than one, etc... check it out).

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