Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bruschetta - pretty and delicious

We served these different kinds of bruschetta last weekend at a shower. Most of the ideas I got from Postino's, the wine bar in Phoenix. They're pretty self-explanatory, no recipes needed really:
Mascarpone, prosciutto, and fig... (I found less than 1/2 fig best...they're so rich)
Pesto and chopped tomato
Bleu cheese and pear
Brie cheese and granny smith apple


  1. I was one of the priviledged who got to try all these tasty treats and they sure were tasty! All were delicious and pretty - my personal favorite of the evening was the Mascarpone, prosciutto, and fig. Thank you Sara for the great party!

  2. mascarpone, prosciutto and fig is always my favorite at postinos! wish we could have been there to join the fun... we miss you guys! you sure do throw a lovely party!